My Story

Art saved my life.

I was born in Manhattan New York to a young woman who was unable to take care of my needs, so I was placed with a wonderful foster family.  A few years later, my Grandmother in Puerto Rico decided she could take care of me. At 4 years of age I was snatched from the only family I knew, put on a plane and sent to Puerto Rico.  Coming from the States, I could not communicate with anyone in Spanish and was a stranger to my own blood.  The adjustment was certainly difficult.  My family in Puerto Rico was very poor.  Pencils, crayons and paper became my companions.  With no toys or friends I had no choice but to use my imagination which is where my passion for art began.

About the age of six, I met my Uncle ‘The Artist’ for the first time.  He was a well-known Artist in San Juan and painted murals, portraits and signage for local businesses.   At the age of seven he began bringing me along with him to work.  Intrigued, I would watch him for hours as he turned grey walls of concrete into life, white paper into treasured portraits and old wood into beautiful signs. The time spent with him instilled a deep appreciation and love for art and laid the foundation for my future endeavors as an Artist.

When I was 16, I was awarded a scholarship to attend League de Arte in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While studying, I did freelance work such as murals, portraits and painting background scenes for local photo studios.  During this time, I heard of the many opportunities available to artists in the Orlando area.  At the age of 18, with just $100 bucks in my pocket, I decided to pack my bags and head back to the States.  One evening while walking around downtown Orlando, I came across a Caricature artist. His Caricature style was so fascinating I decided to commit myself to learn the craft.  This skill opened many doors for me and I was a ‘starving artist’ no more! 

Today I truly believe Art saved my life.  It was a positive outlet for me to express my feelings and kept me grounded.  It is my greatest joy and gift to this world.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site!